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Exciting Change!

Posted by Hannah Connellan on

Hi I'm Hannah, the new owner of Sparrow and Jack Interiors!

I'm thrilled to have been the person to take over from Catherine; she has built such a great business and is a fountain of knowledge in all areas of Annie Sloan and retail. She has already taught me a great deal, and thankfully she has agreed to continue to support me moving forward, which is brilliant!

A little bit about me. I'm a qualified interior designer and home stager as well as an avid Annie Sloan fan. I have been painting with Annie Sloan paints for several years and have certainly found them to be the most superior paints on the market, far more versatile and longer lasting than many of her “competitors”. I genuinely believe that anyone can create stunning pieces with Annie Sloan paint, no matter what your ability or taste.

I intend to maintain and build on the fantastic foundation Catherine has created. I know we share a similar vision for the shop so I’m sure that I can do her proud.

Once up to speed, I intend to start hold regular workshops and events for those who wish to attend. I hope to continue painting some of my own pieces in the shop as I LOVE painting so much I don’t want to stop! Please keep a keen eye out, I will soon be posting workshop dates both on the website and Facebook, first in best dressed!!

I will also, down the track, offer commissions and an interior design service. I'm keen to spread the word and encourage people to try it, it's addictive, fun and so satisfying, not to mention far more economical than buying something new. You will also more than likely see an increased social media presence on both Instagram and Facebook. Links will soon be available through the website, so again, please keep an eye out, jump on and like our posts. Inspiration comes from everywhere!

I would just like to thank Catherine again for the opportunity and for her faith in me. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank my awesome husband who through this whole, very quick process, has been my rock and biggest cheerleader. I hope to do you both proud.

Please do come in and say hi when you get the chance, I would love to meet you.

Here is to the future, lots of painting and inspiration.

Hannah :) 

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