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Decorative Door Knobs - Adding some glamour to your furniture.

Posted by Hannah Connellan on

Decorative Door Knobs are great on both Painted and Unpainted Furniture

A fabulous, relatively cost effective way to add a bit of glamour, interest, quirkiness, colour or just because you fancy a change, door knobs really can make a piece look completely different. Decorative door knobs are becoming more and more popular and really do help up-cycle old pieces into special one off statements in your home.

With all our door knobs online, and instore, it’s easy to have a look at our large selection, purchase them online, or come into the store to see them in person. With such a large range to choose from you will be spoilt for choice.

There are sooooo many options of door knobs available.

Ceramic door knobs; probably the largest range and most popular range, resin door knobs; have a completely different feel to that of the ceramic door knob and can be a little more delicate, wood door knobs add a more rustic feel in-keeping with a more traditional finish, glass and crystal door knobs; another popular choice if you are looking to add a bit of glamour to your piece, jute or rope door knobs make things a little bit different and add some texture, mixing things up a little bit, leather and faux leather door knobs are very on trend, especially as pulls in modern kitchens and bedrooms. Metal or vintage door knobs can add a real talking point to your piece, they come in many styles, industrial, hamptons or animal themed, and some very nice decorative vintage style door knobs can really bring out the colour of your piece. 


After much deliberation, you decide on the material, now there’s the shape and size to consider, do you want big or small door knobs, round or square, textured or smooth, the choices go on, and keep coming. Colour! Now this is the fun part, the colour. Again, there are many choices. Lots of pieces, suit many colours of door knobs, and that’s a blessing and a curse, because it means you have heaps of options, so the choice can be harder, although still lots of fun!

For example, a period piece of furniture, whether that be a Victorian Armoire, an Art Deco dresser, or a 60’s retro wardrobe, you have lots of options, and there really is no right or wrong, this is personal taste and what you love. Another person may not and may find the choice jarring and possibly a bit ugly, either way, it’s your piece, do what you want and what feels right to you. After all you will see this piece every day!

Some people choose decorative door knobs that complement their décor choice, the age of the piece or the age of the property they live in. Others consider the location of the piece, bedroom, dining room or kitchen. If it’s for a child’s bedroom, maybe keep it more playful, bright and fun, if it’s for a kitchen keep it more functional and hard wearing. If it’s for a dining space or adults room, maybe a touch of glamour. Some people like to completely contrast the original older piece with modern door knobs, they are looking to create a statement, make the door knobs the feature not the piece. Maybe they will mix and match a bit, so that not all the door knobs are the same. In my opinion this can look really, good, especially if the colours and styles are complementary and chosen with care.


You can also play with the texture, you don’t need to have all glass. You could have glass at the top of a set of draws and have white washed iron ones at the bottom. You could choose a multitude of colours and make it fun and bright or you could use all blues and all greens in different hue or shade.

There really are endless possibilities, and we have decorative door knobs to suit many tastes, so please pop in and see us or have a look online. 


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